Drain Sinuses

Okay so firstly you should figure out where exactly your sinuses are clogged up. I’m including in this not just the sinuses but also the Eustachian tubes. Sinuses themselves can be drained reasonably easily, while Eustachian tubes can be incredibly hard work and some people can have problems their entire lives. Try the following:

Over the counter nasal decongestants

These tend to dry you up and if your sinus problem isn’t too large, should have you right as rain in a short time. If you go to your doctor or ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist they will almost certainly put you onto this type of medication. It can come in spray form or pills that will contain a pseudo ephedrine or an equivalent that will dry you out while getting you a little wired so avoid taking it at night if you want to sleep well.


Again, visiting the doctor will take you down this route. They will recommend it to you either in combination with the nasal decongestants or by themselves. Because sinus problems are caused by so many different things, antibiotics only work some of the time.

Assuming that doesn’t work

Or you don’t want to shove chemicals and antibiotics into your body, there are a number of more natural things you can do to drain your sinuses. Try any and all of the following and you might have some luck:

Neti Pot

I’m actually starting the myself after three years with clogged eustachian tubes, I’ve had enough and I need them clear. There are a number of variations you can get, but generally fall into the gravity method which is slightly more gentle and the blast is up there method (which I’m using). The gravity pots involve feeding water into the nose through one nostril and tilting your head, allowing the water to pass through your sinuses, clearing out the gunk in the process. The ‘blast it’ method uses a bottle and you literally squeeze the water up through your sinuses through one nostril and out the other. There are mixed results but it really depends on the person and how long you stick at it. Just remember to put salt in the water and use clean water.

Sinus Pressure Points

These have been a lifesaver for me. Based on acupressure theory, pressing certain points on your body have certain effects. You have a number of these on your face, head, neck and hands that have the effect of helping the sinuses to drain and dealing with sinus problems.


Back and neck posture plays an important role in not just helping sinuses to drain properly, but also keeping them clear. If nothing else works, perhaps it’s time to visit a chiropractor or an osteopath to see if your neck or spine might be out.


Along with the pressure points, you can generally massage the face to help to move things around and loosen jaw tension.

Suck it don’t blow it

Your nasal passageways and sinuses aren’t designed to blow air out, they’re designed to suck air in. Blowing your nose, especially when done really hard can create extra pressure and force mucus into sinuses and your eustachian tubes rather than clearing them. Try sucking the mucus in and it will go down your throat, it’s a much healthier way to deal with sinus drainage.


Warm, moist air is fantastic for your sinuses. If you’re suffering from acute pain, try having a hot shower or visiting the nearest sauna / steam room and you will likely feel a lot of relief and drainage. For me, the only time I don’t have popping in my ears is after a long hot shower.


Exercise, like going for a long run, has been reported to help keep sinuses clear, if even only for a short while.

Facial manipulation

If you have clogged sinuses you will likely feel a difference when you move your jaw around. Moving your lower jaw forward for example will open up the endings to the eustachian tubes and allow them to drain with more ease.


There are machines specifically designed to go up the nose and heat the area. This can help when you have impacted mucus that is otherwise immovable.

Cut dairy and other foods that cause mucus buildup

Unfortunately a lot of the food we typically eat, such as white rice, a lot of pasta and bread as well as dairy products cause mucus buildup. So yeah, that’s pretty much all the good stuff. Start off cutting them and see if that’s what is causing your sinuses to block up.


This is obviously the final and most drastic step. ENT (ear nose and throat) doctors are generally loathe to operate on the ears especially, due to the possible complications, such as loss of hearing. Surgery can actually exacerbate the problem instead of curing it so you have to be pretty sure that it’s the right thing for you and take your time over any decision.


This is an amazing thing I’ve found in my battle against sinus blockages. Along with sinus pressure points it’s a great Chinese exercise that can be used to clear the sinuses and improve overall health.