Nasal Irrigation

One hugely effective way to drain sinuses is nasal irrigation, also known as sinus irrigation. There are a number of different nasal irrigation methods and the term is very wide ranging as it can refer to anything from moistening the sinuses to completely flushing out the sinuses and anything in between.

The Water Snort

Using your hands, if you are feeling dry or clogged in your nose, this is an option, although not particularly useful due to the low quantity. It may cause discomfort if the water gets up past the nose and into the sinuses. You can use this technique to clear out gunk and get mucus moving in the nose. It will also be helpful to moisten the sinus.

Nasal Sprays

You can purchase nasal sprays over the counter. Some you will need prescriptions for however. Nasal sprays come in a number of different forms. Some are antihistamine sprays that work to counteract allergies. You can get antibacterial nasal sprays to counteract bacteria buildup. You can also get decongestants that work by constricting blood vessels in the nose, which in turn opens up the nasal passageways. A neutral, saline solution spray can also be used to moisten the sinuses and clear away small amounts of debris, pollen and excess mucus. Nasal sprays can help a lot of sinus problems and can be an effective way to drain sinuses.

Neti Pots

An ancient yogic cleansing technique from India. A more complete guide to neti pots can be read here.


These are machines that produce vaporized cloud of liquid, which can then be breathed in. These machines are great for inflamed and blocked sinuses as it moistens the entire area in a non invasive way. Nebulizers are typically used to treat respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, but there are nebulizers that create extremely fine water droplets that can be used to treat sinus conditions and drain sinuses.

Irrigation Pumps

You can buy irrigation pumps with motorized machines that pulse water through your sinuses. These machines range in quality. Some can pump harder or softer depending on your preferences. For example, if you’re really blocked up, you may want to pump harder, whereas if you’re just maintaining good sinus health, you can dial down the pressure. Lower quality pumps will typically only have one setting for all purposes.

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